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Thread: Ulduar crafted prot belt

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    Ulduar crafted prot belt

    I'm leveling a prot warrior right, and I have a quation about the ulduar crafted belt, I have made all the titansteel gear and the combat shotgun and I'm just wondering if it is worth it to get the belt made. Im level76 right now and I jave nothing to spend my gold on( I have Epic flyer and the gold needed for cold weather flying) I have a 80 prot pali so I'm not a nub to tanking. This warrior is going straight into tanking 25 naxx. I'm a JC if that.
    Makes any difference. Sorry if this is a bad post I'm posting on an iPod.
    Thx for your input my toon is zeaz horde on andorhal

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    It's an excellent belt and will last you a long long time. If you have spare money and you really want to, why not?
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    Costly, but definitely worth it.
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    As the other posters have said, if you have the gold to spare its a solid choice that is sure to last for awhile.

    (Also I believe its among the BiS belts at the moment).

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