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Thread: TankSpot for other MMO's

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    TankSpot for other MMO's

    Has Tank Spot looked at branching out into other MMO's?

    I am in Aion beta and loving tanking again (WoW Prot War in recovery). And would love a great sight like TankSpot for that game as well.

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    If and when we do it we need to be sure:

    1) The game is viable for the long term. We've had branches for both Tabula Rasa and Age of Conan, neither of which turned out to be a good time investment.

    2) We have great authors for it. We don't want to become the IGN/TenTonHammer of MMOs where we have a bunch of watered down articles with incomplete information on everything we cover. We're here to provide detailed and highly technical analysis of what we cover, not makes sales pitches for dev teams.

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