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Thread: How to get where I want... when I cant.

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    How to get where I want... when I cant.

    I am a relatively new player. I bought the Battle Chest right after Christmas, and WotLK as soon as I hit level 55. So, it is easy to see that I have not been playing long. I HAVE, however, done a lot of research and learned a whole lot, many thanks to websites like TankSpot and EJ. I have done my best to get as good as I could as quickly as possible.

    I knew what I wanted to do even before I purchased the game. I researched the classes and decided to pick a Human DK, to tank with. When I hit 55, I never looked back, and I have been learning as much about my role as possible.

    I managed to wiggle my way into a guild full of great people. I enjoy everyone in the guild, but I wish they raided more progressively. We have been to GV in Uld10, but our 25 comes nowhere near that. This leaves me with little opportunity to pick up gear that I need, and or, want. Lately, raids have become non-existent primarily due to people just... not showing up.

    So... to the juicy parts: I want to get into a guild that raids 3-5 times a week, has fantastic attendance, as well as the ability to clear content. This is very difficult for me because people judge me by my time played. I am getting pushed aside in Apps due to my playing time. I never played TBC endgame content and all of my achievements come from WotLK. I also get pegged for not having optimal gear. I don't have "Bad" gear, but it isn't the best. I do a lot of research, really try to better myself, and learn quickly.

    I like to play and play hard, and it seems I am not being given chances due to my time played. This seems grossly unfair to me, and I would like to ask the great people on this forum for advice.

    What can I do to get to a good raiding guild that enjoys progressing as much as I do? Is anybody else having troubles like I am?

    Sorry for the wall of text,

    Tayschren - Proudmoore

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    First, on applications. I am assuming by your research and goals that WoW isn't your first rodeo, adding that kind of info to applications can be very useful, especially if you played a variety of classes or roles in those other games. Put all this in the 'tell us a little about yourself' area.
    Mention the resources you are using as well, this will counter that "he's been playing how long and wants to MT?". Last, regardless of how long you've been playing, a raiding guild that has the standards you are looking for is not going to toss you into a MT position, or likely even a second string spot right away. You will warm the bench and wait your chance to shine, patience is the key.

    Second, welcome to the Summer Doldrums. This is a very normal cycle where due to vacations, life transitions like students working or looking for careers, parents with kids home from school, things just slow down in game, a lot. It'll pick up, both in your current guild as well as others, starting at the end of August. There is a lull in December/ January as well.

    Good luck

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    Penlow pretty much summed it up. To get into a MT or OT position is going to be hard, it might take time and patience. The good news to hide you lack of play time is you are a DK far as I can remeber they didn't come out til wrath so no one who plays them have a ton of history or achievments.
    Wait your turn, when given your chance to shine show them that you deserve to be "the Tank".
    Best of luck.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    You assumed correctly when you guessed that this isn't my "first rodeo". I will look into putting that into future applications. It is a horribly slow month, and its worse because I have a lot of playing time right now!

    Patience IS key, and I will work on warming the bench until I get my chance!

    Many thanks,


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    Some other advice for you to chew on.

    Get a name for yourself on your server. Sounds like your guild isn't running alot. Grab a few people and PUG Naxx 25. Put together a bang up group, fair looting system, and roll it out.

    Run heroics (badges can't hurt, you can buy gems with them). Get to know people and earn a reputation for yourself serverwide as being a good tank. Then when you app somewhere then, most likely you'll have people who can say "hay I ran such and such instance and you did a fabulous job!".

    Alot of end game guilds have the summer blues and the people who are playing and most likely on alts getting them leveled and geared so running these low end things won't be so tragic.

    The key is to build a reputation for yourself. Be chatty with people, get to know them. Once you do that, you're a shoe in for positions that open up and people will be asking you to come join them and be the tank.

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    pugging can be a highly successful way of making new friends especially with healer's before I transferred server's i had a friends list full of healer's who enjoyed playing with me, so for the most part getting a group together was not very hard, one or two private messages and grab some dps good to go.

    also playing with less then desirable circumstances can also up your game.

    also some addons are your best friend and make sure you run omen and deadly boss mods, they will make you more aware of what is going on around you and in turn make you better

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