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Thread: Started Tanking Heroics

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    Started Tanking Heroics

    Just started tanking heroics, and I love it.

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    I have three issues/problems.

    I have been considering gearing more hit rating and expertise in order to give me more threat with trash in 5-mans and adds from bosses, but I'm afraid too lose my EH.

    My first thoughts would be that I could use Titanium Weapon chain, Icewalker enchant, Precision enchant, and then a couple of Rigid Autumn glow, but that would bring my EH down quite a bit.

    Should I try and soft cap my hit rating and expertise even though it will mean that I will lose stam?

    Another issue is of course multiple trash mobs, and AOE tanking. I usually Charge, TC, step back, SW and then start tabbing HS/SS and throwing in devestate and cleave (since I have the glyphs) when possible...I will also use Battle Shout. What else can I do?

    So far, I don't have a survivability issue unless my healer is sleeping or a pull goes very wrong.

    Also, in the process of becoming a better tank, I was thinking about running non-heroic instances multiple times to get very familiar with the instances and then do the heroic version...is this suggestible? Or will it give me a false impression of an instances heroic difficulty? Or will it just be a waste of time, since I could be learning in a heroic, and getting emblems at the same time.

    As a new tank I think it would be a good idea because it would be a great place to practice tactical and situational awareness. On the other hand...waiting for PUGS, or getting a guild run together is hard enough.

    Any other comments and thoughts about gear, talent build, or anything else would be helpful also.

    I thank you in advance for any input.

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    It's more important that you get your expertise up to 26 including racials and talents than it is that your EH be as high as possible. Your hit rating should also be around 5% if at all possible. Don't forget you can always enchant bracers for expertise and gloves for hit. Put the tanking enchant on your shoulders and Icewalker on your boots. For heroics, your health is actually a bit too high considering its relation to your other stats. If you're missing attacks, your threat won't be high enough.

    Lose Armsman on the gloves... there's always a better enchant than Armsman. Put a Titanium Weapon Chain on your axe.

    For multimob pulls in Heroics, here's what I did: Charge, TC, Revenge if it pops, SS if not. Then tab+devastate until I'd hit each mob. Then I'd use my main rotation of SS - Revenge + HS - TC/SW/Cleave - Conc Blow. Repeat as necessary. As long as you're not rage-starved, hit HS every GCD.

    Another thing that really helped me was learning to keybind and mouselook rather than click.

    Running a regular first generally helps, but not always. Sometimes the fights change between them. The best thing you can do is run with a good group and read the strats on Wowwiki, here or Wowhead first. Also, make sure everyone in the group knows the strategy before the pull!

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