The idea that seems to be getting wrapped around the axle here is that SS is directly linked to block value. Putting DR on BV nerfs our mitigation and our damage at certain times.

How about this, remove the relationship of Block Value and Shield Slam completely. As others have suggested buff shield slams base and add Attack Power co-efficient like Mortal Strike. Then they can buff BV all they want as a real mitigation stat.

If this causes warrior tank DPS to be to low still, add a buff to devastate, back to the 80% once tested. To stop the fury/prot DPS build swap Devastate and Shockwave in the Prot tree.

I'm just spit balling here but this does seem to solve the problem of BV in PVE vs PVP. If people think we don't have enough AP to make it worthwhile, let BV contribute AS AP for shield Slam purposes.

What do all of you heavy theorycrafters think of this?