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Thread: Which Weapon would be better?

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    Which Weapon would be better?

    This may be a dumb question but i was to get this figured out finally .

    I am a DK and I had Armageddon but i was pretty much forced to take Stormedge and i was wondering what one would be better for my overall DPS before equipping stormedge my hit rating is 433. my issues is that Stormedge would be worse for my DPS because the hit is pretty close to a wasted stat for me.

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    This would allow you to drop the hit trinket you are wearing for a better trinket like the darkmoon card.

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    I'm assuming you're DPS since you were using Armageddon, otherwise Stormedge would clearly be the better choice. But even if that's not true and you're worried about your DPS, you need to try to drop your hit, it's ridiculously high and your other stats are undoubtedly suffering.

    Other than that, it also depends on your spec. If you're blood then you want to shoot for armor pen, the other two would rather take crit and haste.

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