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Thread: Imp Rev. Vs. ConcBlow&Vigi

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    Imp Rev. Vs. ConcBlow&Vigi

    Hey guys, atm, armory isn't working for me so I will put it up when I get a chance, but heres the thing, right now I am debating whether I should max out Imp Rev. or just put the last two points so I can reach concBlow and vigilence. I am running the generic 5/15/51 build and mostly tanking uld10/25 and totc 10. I am the MT in our raid group and I am 'trying' to make my build so it has a great survivability against raid bosses and at the same time it doesn't do to bad in heroics and whatnot, and as a fyi, i am running imp. disc 2/2 and glyphed for last stand/shield wall/and blocking.

    I've never had any issues with threat but I can see the strategical use of vigilence. I'd really appreciate if I heard everyone's 2cents on what I should do, and if I left anything out.

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    If you have to choose one or the other, I'd always choose Conc Blow and Vigilance over Imp Revenge. They're much more useful.
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