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Thread: T8.5 Pecies....

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    T8.5 Pecies....

    Granted this has probably been brought up before but I did my first night of Raiding Ulduar after being absent from WoW for a while, and got 3 pieces of T8.5 (Head/Chest/Legs) Now, is it just me or do these pieces sort of seem luck luster with all their SBV. I've got the Unbreakable chest from Ulduar aswell and that just seems way superior and I still very much perfer the 7.5 legs I have to the 8.5.

    Obviously the set bonus are awesome but I can't really justify the 2 pc unless it was with shoulders/gloves and the 4 peice only if the encounter would be made easier with it!

    Am I missing something here or is this the general vibe with the the 8.5 in the warrior comminity?

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    the days of the actual tier gear being the top of the line is gone. im not sure what it was like in BC, but ive stayed with the times in WotLK and tier is good and easy to aquire, but if youre lucky enough, theres harder to aquire gear out there thats much more superior.

    the tier is a great bridge until you get the chance to roll for that harder to find stuff.

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