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Thread: 2v2 partner rogue or warrior?

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    2v2 partner rogue or warrior?

    i have a geared 786 resil rogue and a 435 resil arms warrior.
    i can't figure out which one i want to be my main 2v2 partner??
    disc 908 resil priest btw. heals aren't the issue. i'm the last to die always.

    i like that my warrior has the sick %50 healing affects but he has the skull clad cleaver and only pulls about 2.3k dps and he's working on more gear.

    the rogue is about 3.2k dps and has more resil. but he's so squishy and he never seems to be able to kill the other guys fast enough. then when he doesn't kill them they just keep pounding on him. i run out of mana eventually!!!!

    who should i choose? oh yeah the warrior is RL friend that i can be in the same room with.

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    Rogue in my opinion. Better synergy with the RP combo and as long as the rogue is exceptionally skilled in his class he can do alot to keep from getting pounded on if his initial burst isn't enough. It obviously takes more than just healing your partner and waiting for him to get the victory, but that is for another discussion completely.

    Rogues bring an MS debuff, constant and easy slows, super high damage, and the ability to surprise your opponents when they least want to be surprised. Warriors are very predictable and can be shut down with relative ease. Plus you don't want the guy with you in the same room, that is just asking for someone to throw a chair.

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    haha i see what you mean i just got done doing 40 matches with both of them. it seemed like the ms really helped against shammies and druids but my arms friend wouldn't let them heal at all. rogue went 28-12 and warrior went 30 and 10......

    i've been sitting at 1750 rating for so long. i've only started to pvp this season.!!! 3/5 hateful 2/5 furious.

    i wish i could contribute more like mana burning but the dps seems to just not want me to cast. i throw my dots and everything.

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    Warrior / priest is a pretty hard combo to play... and is much less represented than rogue / priest.

    If you went 30 - 10 with the warrior, it means you have great synergy, luck, or that the warrior is better skill wise than the rogue (especially if he has crappy gear).

    Edit: if you were playing practice games, it was probably luck
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    If the warrior weren't your RL friend I'd say the rogue by a mile. If you are determined enough you can make pretty much any comp work and priest/warrior isn't a horrible comp.

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    What poisons are you using on your rogue?

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    i think my rogue is using 2 slowing poisons but i'll have to check. and i was wondering? would it be a good idea to fear then mind control the dps while my dps partner goes after the healer? maybe get the glygh that makes MC %17 less likely to break?

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    Your rogue should be using Wound Poison VII - Item - World of Warcraft along with Crippling Poison - Item - World of Warcraft (EDIT for clarification: Crippling is passively applied and doesn't need to be on weapons)
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    The rogue should be mutilate and using Mind Numbing on his main hand, and Wound on his off-hand.

    He also should only be using around 600 resil, anything more than that starts sacrificing offensive stats and he won't be able to kill anything.

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