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Thread: My mitigation

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    My mitigation

    Hey guys,

    I was curious about my mitigation. I'll post a link to my armory profile lower in this post. My gear is alright, and I know I need a helm - I just can't seem to get one for the life of me. What I am thinking though, is that I currently have equipped the Furnace Stone from Ignis in Ulduar 10...I also have the shield block trinket from heroic Violet Hold sitting in my bags. When I replaced my shield block trinket with the Furnace Stone, my shield block went wayyyyy down. It was close to 24% with the trinket, and it feels like I'm losing a little too much for the block to be worth it. I jumped from 21.5% to about 23.5% dodge with the Furnace Stone, which is a considerable amount, but losing shield block also loses a slight amount of threat because of the talent that deals damage upon blocking. So I think what my rambling is trying to get at here is that, does anyone know the exact numbers as to where shield block would mitigate more damage than dodge? Obviously somewhere along the line consistently mitigating a little bit of each hit will add up to avoiding more damage than missing one swing in its entirety (though it of course depends on how hard you are getting hit, I am just talking about on average), I'm just trying to figure out where.

    And sorry for my rambling, it's 3 am here... xD However, any other advice or tidbits on what I could change (completely in general) to better stack my stats would be appreciated as well - my gems are questionable with my mitigation being so low now...

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    BTW, I'm replacing the titanium shield spike on my shield with titanium plating as soon as I can.
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