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Thread: Advice on Talents, Glyphs, and Gear

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    Advice on Talents, Glyphs, and Gear

    Hi all. Brief introduction. I've been playing since December of 2005, but have never done end-game until the past couple months. I'm just now starting to get into 10 man's for Naxx and I've MT'd OS a couple of times (VOA as well). I leveled from 70-80 in prot and I just relized that I've never gone back to make sure my spec is really suited for MT-ing 10 mans instead of leveling.

    Also, I'm having trouble deciding on glyphs. I've currently got Revenge, Devastate, and Enraged Regeneration. I know I need to replace the last one, but I'm torn between Sunder Armor (for better trash mob and OT) and Blocking. Any advice there would be much appreciated.

    Lastly, any glaring gear/gem/enchant issues you happen to notice would be welcome. Thanks a lot! Here's a link to me on armory:

    Luw/Bladefist on Armory

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    Blocking all the way, 10% more block value

    Revenge,Blocking and i would go heroic strike for anything pre ulduar

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    I'd say Blocking too - though personally I like Devastate - no harm in keeping it.

    In terms of your spec, I'd recommend removing all the points you have from Imp Spell Reflect, Imp Disarm and Puncture, and 3 points from Shield Spec and place them in the Arms tree to reach Deep Wounds. I'd also take three points from Cruelty and put them in Armed to the Teeth instead. Then you'll have the 'cookie cutter' 15/5/51 spec, which works pretty well in Naxxramas and beyond. A search on Tankspot should give you more info about why

    Gearwise you'll find you'll want to move away from gemming for defence - you seem a bit short on it at the moment - just bear this in mind. I would also consider replacing purple dodge/stam and the parry gem with expertise/stam once you feel comfortable with your survival - you'll want ultimately when fully geared up to hit the 26 expertise 'soft cap' for dodge.

    Hope that's helpful. Enjoy yourself!
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