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Thread: Cloak Discussion/Considerations

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    Cloak Discussion/Considerations

    I currently have three cloaks in my bags and want some outside opinions on them.

    Cloak of the Iron Council
    Saronite Animus Cloak
    Platinum Mesh Cloak

    All Cloaks have Titanweave enchanted on them.

    My amory is attached to my profile if you wish for a more in depth look at my gear and gems. However, related information is that I have 225 hit and 25 exp unbuffed while wearing the Saronite Animus cloak and I always eat Rhinolicious Wormsteak for raids. To maintain what little exp I have to use one Precise Scarlet Ruby and a couple Guardian's Twilight Opal's outside of what I get from gear. I like all 3 of these cloaks for different reasons and each has their positives and negatives. My thoughts are to start wearing the Cloak of the Iron Council and keep my Guardian gems but change the Precise gem to a Solid Sky Saphire. Doing so will keep my Def capped, increase my total HP, get me more exp at the cost of some hit and a little avoidance. I would still use Rhinolicious Wormsteak for raiding. Im am pretty much going to do this tonight after work, but wanted to just post here and see what the communities input on it is, and to see if there are any other suggestions, or options I could do that would be ideal.

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    i also have these three cloaks, but i have never found a good reason to equip the ulduar ones over the badge cloak.

    the IC cloak trades avoidance for block
    the expertise is nice, but you're trading it for hit anyway so it's not a huge difference.

    and the cloak from general trades dodge for parry + some more defense; another avoidance loss for 4 stam.

    very disappointing, imo.

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    Yeah, if I wasnt trying to balance other stats, I would most likely wear the Platinum Mesh Cloak as well. I sit at 27.65% dodge unbuffed with the Platinum Mesh Cloak, so thats why I havent been wearing it. Trying not to rage starve myself to much, though it still happens now and then. I just try and make sure I get the most agro out of what rage I do have, and I only have trouble with agro on the agro trouble bosses like Hodir or Vezzax anyway. At any rate, going with the Iron Council allows me to trade a +16 exp gem for a +24 stam gem coupled with the more HP on the Cloak anyway should be an overall increase for me from where I am now. Also get more roughly 2 more point in exp too, 27, up from 25.
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    I would go with Saronite Animus and go ahead and swap the 16 Expertise gem to stam anyway. Expertise above 26 (dodge capped) is nice, but not a necessity, especially since you are not having threat issues.

    The Iron Council cloak is inferior to the other two because it wastes itemization on crappy Block Rating, and has a lot less avoidance.

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    Thanks for the input, I suppose your right not necessary, just nice.

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