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Thread: Misery/Imp FF and paladins

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    Misery/Imp FF and paladins

    I'm a bit curious and wondering if anyone can help me with a hit rating question.

    Most--i know not all--of our moves work off of an 8% miss--that is to say, melee miss rating--though they deal holy damage rather than physical.

    The 3% hit buffs increase spell hit. For a warrior, that's not personally useful because warriors do not use spells.

    However, as a paladin, presuming I have an spriest/boomkin in the raid--to what degree do I benefit from the added hit? Can I theoretically pass by with 5% hit instead of 8% and never miss with most of my moves?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Most paladin abilities are melee-based, the only spell hit abilities are:

    Holy Wrath
    Both taunts (*All* tank class taunts are spell-based)

    The rest use your melee hit chance and are not affected by misery/imp FF.
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    To update that,

    Spell Hit:
    Holy Shield
    Retribution Aura
    Holy Wrath
    SoV dot application (until 3.2 where it changes to melee hit and expertise)
    SoV 5 stack damage (until 3.2 where it is no longer affected and purely hits when your swings land).

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