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Thread: Need suggestions

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    Need suggestions

    So currently raiding Ulduar 25man and pretty much every time I MT a boss, I end up dead mid fight with my healer's being able to pick up the back up and finish the fight, which from past experiences is rare. I'm trying to figure out if somethings wrong on my side or if I'm over looking something. I know warriors tend to spike in damage, but as of late it seems MTing for me means I'm gonna die. As far as i have checked all the other tanks in my guild are below me in avoidance, a tad behind in HP, and behind in AC. Block rating and value is the only thing our Pally MT beats me on.


    Full raid buffed im sitting at 40khp 51-52% avoidance 21% BR 1232BV 25kAC*

    *AC was a rough guess I can't remember off the top of my head.

    Any suggestions or advice is much appreciated and thanks in advance.
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