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Thread: Should I replace hit/stam gems?

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    Should I replace hit/stam gems?

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    I'm looking for opinions on what to do with my raid tanking set. Currently I have a couple of gem slots that are blue, but opted to put hit/stam to help out on threat. But now that my guild is on Algalon 10 and starting hard modes on 25, I could use a little input on what would be better.
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    It all depends on how your threat is at the moment.

    If you're having absolutely no issues with threat, and feel confident that a drop in your Hit would not result in loss of drastic threat, you might benefit more from the raw +24 Stam gems in place of Hit/Stam.

    Weigh up the cons and pros - how much actual health will replacing the gems give you? Is that ammount of health worth it?

    If I had to throw down a Yes or No answer here, I'd say Yes.

    Edit: Also, your current health pool is quite nice, so if you decide to stay with the Hit gems due to Threat, you still have a nice bit of Health to go on.

    Hope this helps
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