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Thread: What am I tank enough for?

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    What am I tank enough for?

    Hey Guys,

    I would really like your advise. I want to tank some 25 mans however I haven't had alot of time for dungeon runs. I think I have made up for this somewhat with storebought items and rep enhancements, plus i switched to JC to get that extra Def Rating I needed. please take a look at my gear and let me know what you think my next step should be before MT or OT 25 man.

    Thanks so much

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    Well, your gear is probably ready for Nax 10. I would suggest trying to pick up the stam trinket from Heroic AN. The Legs from Heroic VN would also be a good pickup. Also, +40 stam to bracers would put you really close to 30k. You'll also take a big dip in HP when you replace your frost resist pieces...so keep that in mind.

    You could probably OT Nax 25, as for being the MT..you might want to work on your avoidance numbers before considering that. Also your hit/exp are a little low and I'm not sure what kind of DPS you roll with, but a streak of parry/dodges/misses could pose to be a problem from a threat standpoint.

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    As said above, Naxxramas 10 would be your niche.

    You might be okay to OT Naxx 25, but you would begin to struggle deeper into the raid (I believe Military would be unbearable, especially Gothic)

    Although your Health Pool is nice, your avoidance is not enough to support it. Remember that a large Health Pool is meaningless without the proper Avoidance to back it up. A larger health pool is meant to make the hits you can't avoid less painful - not absorb hit after hit after hit.

    My advice would be to secure the Seal of the Pantheon from normal HoL, or Repelling Charge from 10 man Thaddius. This will allow you to replace your raw Defense gems with more avoidance-orientated stats.

    You might also consider a Titanium Weapon Chain on your sword, to bring your Hit up a little.

    Your Prot Talents also need a lot of work.
    1. 5/5 Deflection is a must.
    2. Drop the point in Improved Bloodrage and drop all points in Safeguard - place two points into maxing One Hand Weapon Specialization
    3. Drop the 1 point in Puncture. Use this point + the point from Improved Bloodrage to max Deflection.
    4. Replace Glyph of Rapid Charge with Glyph of Blocking.

    Hope that all this helps - the biggest thing is your talents. I highly reccomend considering the things I've listed.

    Good luck
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