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Thread: Ulduar 10, is my gear and spec upto it?

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    Ulduar 10, is my gear and spec upto it?


    Tried my first shot in Ulduar 10 last night :/

    We done flame VERY easily then moved to razor.... after a couple of wipes we got to phase 3.... but we wiped at around 600k HP left....

    Them we went to deconstructor and wiped to enrage a couple of times...

    The raid leader said the tanks, me being the main tank, were both undergeared for the instance and that we would try again next week.

    There was NO dps over 3k. 2 of them were below 2k.

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    This is my armory on beimba. I know the DPS was not cutting it, or some of them anyway.... but can I cut it?

    Thanks for your time

    Btw... I have every bit of tanking gear from naxx10 in the bank except the T7 helm and the shield. so if i need to swap anything in let me know
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    Your gear seems fine to tank 10 man Ulduar. Being a JC, I assume you're also using the JC trinket instead of the dps one equipped on armory? That should bring your HP near 30k which is fine for 10 man.

    Razorscale starts hitting the tank really hard once you start getting the debuff stack up, even with the best gear, so you need an offtank to taunt off you until your debuffs wear off.

    If you were hitting enrage on XT that tends to point to a dps issue over tanking, since you were able to tank it for 8 minutes without an issue.
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    I have both the JC trinkets, but always considered the crit and 1k AP to be better than 1k HP... I have a stamina set that gives me 32k unbuffed and still crit immune... but the threat i do in it kinda sucks

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