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Thread: Need help with my dps please.

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    Need help with my dps please.

    Im having problems with my dps in 25 ulduar im usually doing like 3k-3.5 and I know im supposed to do more than that with my current gear , also p-lease tell me a good rotation other than quick n dirty arms guide. please and thank you

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    Alot of stuff you could do to improve your dps

    You shouldnt aim for Armor penetration at your gear level, you should socket for raw strenght and try to get a hold of a axe/polar for the +5 crit in your talents

    (2h mace is something i would only recomend using when ur at full ulduar 25 man gear level, when you get either mace from yogg 10 hardmode or 25 normal & Same with ArP gems)

    In your situation would find me a good axe/polar and then resocket all my crit gems to raw STR, and get Berserking on my weapon... it's way to good to pass on even toh it's expensive

    I would go back to naxxramas 25 with pug's (or guild) every week just to get those upgrades i need, alot of really good upgrades for you in there.

    And why enchant your gear with "less" good enchants, why then farm and farm for exalted Sons of Hodir :S

    (1 day of dailys = 500*-700*g)

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    Even though this is a DPS related question, armory based questions belong in the appropriate forum. Please take a minute to re-read the rules before posting.


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