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Thread: Am i ready for ulduar (anykind)

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    Am i ready for ulduar (anykind)

    Can someone please share an oppinion , if i enchant up my gear , will i be ready for ulduar 10 .. or 25 ... ? as main tank

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    You are likely fine for Ulduar 10 after you enchant up. You've got some odd gem choices (def/exp). I'd rather see you with the dragonbrood legs (sarth no drakes) and the t7.5 shoulders, but that's a tweak. You'll get better bracers off of flame leviathan and a better belt off of razor once you get there. Generally for Ulduar you're going to want to gem for stam assuming you stay above the defense minimum.

    How successful you're going to be will be based on your group. Flame should be easy, and your first challenge will be at razor. Stay out of the blue fire and make sure you're running flame resist aura after razor is permanently grounded.
    If you aren't higher than me in total damage done or total healing done, all comments will be /ignore'd

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