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Thread: Prot Paladin Rotation Help Lvl 72

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    Prot Paladin Rotation Help Lvl 72

    OK I have read throught the 6969 rotation stuff but I have one delima.

    I am level 72 so I do not have Shield of the Righteous yet.
    I am very new to Prot spec tanked UK last night and got some pointers so now I am here to get even better input.

    What should my rotation be then I have looked through my spells and I am not seeing another 6 second spell to replace it.

    This was the rotation from Jere's thread that I was trying to use.

    Hammer of Righteousness
    Holy Shield
    Shield of Righteousness (Don't have yet)
    *** Open Slot Usually Cons

    So any recommendations for what to use instead of Shield?
    Also, I have issues running out of mana I had to use BoW and Mana Judgement constantly last night.


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    First off, get anticipation and deflection into your build, thats 10% avoidance you are -missing-. Secondly, start out with holy shield up, throw a disc, hammer the mob packs, consecrate. You should be more then fine, just whack the cd's comming up after it.

    edit: Oh this also helps out, check em

    Imba pala taunting
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF_mjDXA7kA"]YouTube - Prot paladin addons #1 - Grid & Clique tutorial[/ame]
    Imba pala macro's
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPJP-LE2dIE"]YouTube - Paladin 96969 macro[/ame]

    For mana, always put BoSanct on yourself, and use divine plea, its epic. Agro with vengenance (dno the horde equivelant).

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    Meh again I forgot something, get the green wotlk tank set crafted:

    This is one piece of the complete entry-level tanking Cobalt set. Each item is made by Blacksmiths, mats are dirt-cheap, and recipes are trained starting at 360 to 375 for the chest piece. Level requirement for all is 70.

    The complete set provides:
    310 Defense Rating
    362 Stamina
    11,331 Armor
    Everything but the shield (for DKs) provides:
    288 Defense Rating
    329 Stamina
    6973 Armor
    Item Links:

    Cobalt Belt
    Cobalt Boots
    Cobalt Bracers
    Cobalt Shoulders
    Cobalt Triangle Shield
    Cobalt Helm
    Cobalt Legplates
    Cobalt Gauntlets
    Cobalt Chestpiece

    Once you hit 74, you'll want to start trading in for the Tempered Saronite pieces.

    Check here for more info on the Tempered Saronite gear.
    Cobalt Chestpiece - Spell - World of Warcraft

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    And big thanks for the armor build out!

    Great videos

    Dumb question
    Anticipation and deflection Talents or spells?

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    Those 2 are talents.

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