First off, I am arms spec.

I just went over my gemming and pondered if I should replace all/some of my str gems with ArP.

Here are my stats(wowarmory is not up to date):
276 hit(8.42%)
23 expertise(5.75% + 1/2 weapon mastery = 6.75%)
566 ArP(45.96%)
32.07% crit
3877 Attack Power

What I have is 6x16 str gems(192 AP)
What im wondering is if I should replace that str with ArP, and how much of it(max of 96 ArP for -192 AP)
I do not have grim toll or Mjolnir runestone yet.

The quick n' dirty arms guide suggests 3.2k AP but seems rather unsure on that number. However, I am a ways above that at 3877 AP unbuffed so im guessing I should replace every str gem with ArP? That puts me at 3685 AP and 662 ArP(not sure what % that would be)

Any opinions on what I should do?

note: my armory is not up to date as of 11:25 PM PST