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Thread: Ulduar 10 OT ready?

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    Ulduar 10 OT ready?

    Was wondering if I could start offtanking Uldaur 10 like wow-heroes says I am. Also, what epic chest can replace my rare chest peice and I have a lot of wiggle room for defense budget so defense is not an issue on the chest.
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    Yes, you are ready--but toss the parry gem, there's something of a general bias against it on the basis that point for point it's not as viable a gemming selection as other gems.

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    You seem ready to rock and roll to me, I think I off tanked it in worse gear.

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    You're perfectly fine to OT 10 Ulduar, you'd even be fine to MT it. The way blizzard designs the games is to allow people to use the 10 man gear to progress through the next 10 man gear, so if someone doesn't want to do 25 mans they could only do 10 naxx and then go straight to 10 ulduar.

    The easiest and quickest chest replacement would be the heroes one with badges, and if needed stick a 20 defense enchant , or 275 health (better than 18 stam.)
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