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    A question about gear for a soon to be new 80 Tank

    I'm currently 77 and have been building/acquiring my 80 gear for a while. I've got most of it but am not sure how I'm going to enchant it when it's time to put it on. Mistakes get costly in deaths & gold so I'm trying to learn from other people's mistakes.

    My current plans are

    chardev.org v6 ~ a World of Warcraft character planner

    I've got most of the gear listed. I don't have the enchants. I don't have all of the gems, and I don't have the anvil trinket which is purchased w/ wintergrasp marks of honor. When I hit 80 in the next week I'll probably have 50 of the Wintergrasp Marks of Honor, and 25 - 30 stone keepers shards along w/ 20K or so honor.

    I'm 450 Blacksmith and 443ish Inscription. That gives me the extra sockets on my gloves and bracers and the shoulder enchant.

    I'm not quite sure where I should be going w/ enchants and gems. My initial thought was STR for the AP and parry w/ some stamina, but I've been playing this game for about 3 months & I don't have the experience to tell me what I need at this level.

    Any suggestions on what I should enchant and gem for? What are my weak points and what instances should I be running to fix them? Is there a better trinket I can get for a reasonable gold cost or buy w/ my marks/shards/honor?
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