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Thread: Can i have some advice about my gear

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    Can i have some advice about my gear

    Im not sure if im taking the right stats on my gear, Im a protadin and mostly going for hp, dodge and block rating is this good or am I just a nub what doenst know what to do .

    The World of Warcraft Armory

    Can i pls have some advice

    I have other trinkets to like the armor trinket, defense trinket, or the blue block trinket

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    While it was great in T7, T8 is not really suited for block value. Don't get me wrong, I still do collect the block value items that I can get, but I prefer a def/dodge/parry item over a def/block item for Ulduar.

    If you click on my armory (see 'WoW characters' above), you will see that I use the T8 chest because it is a straight EH/AV piece, but non-set items for all other slots because the set items would be BV bits.

    You could shift a few more points to retri dmg/crit talents, but I guess that you don't have any threat issues at the moment.

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