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Thread: Average DPS as a Tank? Help!

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    Average DPS as a Tank? Help!

    Howdy, first, I wasnt sure if this should be in this forum or the DPS forum, so sorry if I picked wrong.

    I am a tank/off-tank for my guilds 10 man Ulduar runs, and my DPS is horrid. I am usually hang around 1.1K to 1.3K and never been over 2K DPS for a run. I was just wondering if this is normal for a Warrior Tank. The other tank is a Pally, and he is always close to or over 2K DPS.

    Here is my Armory link - The World of Warcraft Armory

    And here is a link to some Wow web Stats from one of our latest runs - Wow Web Stats

    I usually try to get in 5 Devestates, Rend, then use Shield Slam, Revenge when available, and HS the other times.

    I have no problem holding threat, just wondering if my DPS is abnormally low in comparison to other tanks.

    In case it matters:
    Ignis - I tank the adds
    Razorscale - off tank
    XT002 - off tank
    Kologarn - off tank
    Auriaya - off tank
    Freya - Main tank
    Hodir - main tank
    Thorim - hallway tank
    Mimiron - we have never downed him...

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    My DPS is awful. I average around 1.5-1.6k in a 25 man setting and even lower in a 10 man setting. It's a little more forgiving in a 25 man, especially when you have DPS doing 6k+ average.

    I would say that your numbers are fine...and if anyone complains about it, tell them to wait until 3.2 (or to tell the DPS to pick it up)! We are just limited by our class at the moment. The only advice I can give you to increase your DPS is to maybe use a threat set?

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    Most of the numbers sound about right, yes warriors are that low DPS as tanks specially when on add tanking roles.

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