My wardrobe is bursting at the seams...i really cant decide what to wear.

I have

Head, shoulder, leg and gloves of the T8 Valorous Seigebreaker set. YEY go 4 piece bonus..

but i also have...

Valorous t7.5 head, Deconstructors shoulders, Saronite plated legs and full T7.5 items.

All of it is nice gear and in combination can get some nice set bonus'.

Im just wondering when to pick and choose the best far as i can tell i can push my block up a bit...or my dodge up a bit... my Hp and armor stay roughly the same and my hp in any combination is hovering around 33k unbuffed with 25k armor.

Any suggestions on where the 4 piece t8 is really the only combination i should be using ?

On hodir im using 2 parts frost set (belt and chest).

But im just spoilt for choice now....

(im just now beginning to replace the t8 with t8.5..minor upgrades but upgrade none theless.).

Suggestions welcomed.