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Thread: Need some help to improve my gearbalance

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    Need some help to improve my gearbalance


    Im always trying to balance my gear as good as posible and maintaining the 540 defence. I got a sigil that gives defence as well. However i heard that any defence above 540 is useless? Dont defence increase Dodge/parry as well? What sigil would you use in my situation?

    Im also thinking about +Sta versus +Dodge/+Parry.... Atm i tweaked it towards Dodge and parry, what would your advice be?

    Can you have a look at my gear and see if there is anything i can improve when it comes to enchanting/gemming etc.?

    Regarding the spec i use im quite happy, however im not a expert and if there is any advice out there for me il gladly take it. So what im looking for is different way of improving my gear without getting new gear Regarding the new gear we are progressing in Ulduar and farming naxx 10 for fun. However we dont have acces to Naxx 25 just yet depending on membernumbers.

    Im maintank and tank about every boss we encounter, the oftank is a druid. My mainhealer is a Druid as well.

    Im thankfull for any help and advice i can get as i want to improve.

    I im quite low on my hitrating... however i dont have problems with aggro either, any thoughts about that?


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    First off, whoever told you that def above 540 is useless doesn't know what they are talking about. Defense doesn't suffer nearly as bad from DR compared to Dodge/Parry. More defense is never a bad thing IMHO.

    If your progressing through Uldar, EH(+STA) is what you should choose over avoidance. Also your expertise is a bit low, you might consider re-gemming +exp/+sta as opposed to +dodge/+sta.

    I play a prot warrior, so I can't comment on your spec.

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    Okay thank your for the feedback regarding defence. So its not a bad thing to be overcapped then?

    More people?

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