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    I remember back in TBC when I was running regular dungeons, marking was desired. So i learned it fairly well. Which mobs to skull as primary, moon for sap if rogue was there, star for sheep, etc. I got pretty good at it and my parties always loved me for it. I was always told it was nice to have someone who knew what to mark, etc.

    Well, after leaving WoW to finish college and coming back a year later, now that I have a career and free time to play, I started doing regular instances in Northrend while I lvl to 80. So I was doing Nexus last week, and I started marking.

    Immediately, "oh here we go." , "this is going to be a long one" , "noob tank", etc.

    Okay? So I get it. Marking is not necessary now according to most WoW players. Fine. So we just rush in and kill what we can, cool. And it seems to work okay I enough. But even if CC isn't as needed in WotLK, I still wanted to mark the kill order. But of course, as soon as I through any mark up, explaining it was just a kill order " /sigh I don't have all night". I mean, wtf?

    I feel completely and utterly DISORGANIZED now. I mean, I know regular instances are not "srs bsns!" or anything. It isn't about that. It's just, I flourish in order, targetting, kill order, etc. I like for everyone to know what my main target is, 2nd priority, etc. I feel it helps DPS know what to target, what needs to go down first, etc. Even if they do already know what needs to go first, it atleast provides reassurance to the occasional newer player I may run into.

    Am I just so disconnected from WoW Tanking now? Is it really just run'n'gun chaos?

    I really don't want to abandon atleast marking a kill order. But, I also don't want to group up and hear "omfg, noob. /sigh" every single time.Am I just finding bad groups or should I seriously consider ignoring any marking and just rush in?

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    The mentality has changed since 3.0. Just about all DPS is AoE happy and with the change to tanking mechanics making it easier to hold multiple mobs most people find marking more time consuming than just AoEing the whole pack down.

    Although alot of people I run with use it sparingly at best. I usually just mark up skull or maybe X to burn casters first, otherwise I sometimes just mark on the fly if there is a mob I feel needs to be burned first. I admit I've gotten a bit lazy myself and alot of times just charge/TC/SW and let the DPS goto town. It's a bit sad but CC is not needed atleast until you get into Uldar.

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    I feel your pain. Last night I dinged to 80 and tried to tank heroic nexxus. My hunter dps was in nax 25 epics and ragequit when i asked him to stop dpsing X, and dps skull instead. He insisted that only "noobs" mark and that aoe was his perroagitve.

    Nevermind that he wasn't AOE'ing but rather single target dpsing....the wrong mob.

    When your dps are in full raid epics and you are in lvling blues trying to progress through heroic content marks are perfectly viable imo.
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    usualy i just let people die a few times. If they are not hitting the right target it is their fault they die and no one elses. so if you just let them get their agro, maybe taunt it off them right before they die if you are the mercifull type, and let them know that if they pull it they tank it, they usually back off abit

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