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Thread: How to learn raid leaning?

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    How to learn raid leaning?

    I've gotten good enough at tanking that I've been asked to be one of the raid leaders once a week. However, I know nothing about it, having only led 5man Heroics so far. I'm looking to learn the following things, anyone know of any good resources for this stuff?

    1. How to even start a raid group, which is different than starting a 5man group. Don't know the wow raid interface, need a manual/guide/whatever.

    2. Master looter - clueless. Want to be fair, avoid loot drama, no idea how the mechanic even works since I've never seen it. What happens when you set Loot to Master Looter and you're the raid leader? And are there other viable options in that selection list for raids?

    3. DKP systems - understand EPGP is a favorite right now, with better incentivization than DKP. Our guild isn't using any kind of loot system yet, but I'd like to educate myself on this ahead of time.

    3. Addons - what addons are mandatory for raid leaders, and how do you use them? Have heard of Grid and DBM, but no idea how to use them.

    4. Anything else necessary that a noob raid leader should know?

    Much appreciated!

    Edit: pre-Ulduar 10mans. We have several people capable of leading raids, and the GM has asked us to pick a 4hr time once a week when each of us can be online and ready to raidlead. GMs will organize people for them during the preceding days.
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    First off I’m assuming you are leading a guild run and not a PUG (if you are leading a PUG it's a lot different)

    Also are you looking to lead Uld or Naxx? the raid setup differs a bit (not much though)

    1. To start a raid inv another person (a friend, an officer etc) and go under the social tab to raid and press convert to raid.

    there are great addons to help with raid inv such as http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/automatic-raid-inviter.aspx using words that arn't too common in normal chatt for the inv is a smart thing ex. Jesus, Moses, tintin etc

    for a raid interface use addons such as Pitbull, x-perl etc (I prefer Pitbull as it is easy to set up)
    depending on the raid group the group setups are going to be different every time you raid, and for some fights a certain class is needed in different groups (such as shamies on the big spider in naxx)

    also you want to promote all tanks (guess you know this)

    2. loot rules are tricky too and if you are in a guild you might want to check how you usually do it, if you don't have any try and work some out with your officers/GM (if you are neither of these). For a pug the best way to make sure everyone stays is to CLEARLY state the rules for loot, a good loot rule in pug naxx is 1 need roll per wing so that more ppl have a chance to get loot.

    3. Addons that are mandatory for ALL raiders are ofc Omen and DBM/Bigwigs, Grid and oRa2. For a raidleader other good addons are Failbot, Bigbrother (see respective addon site on cures for more info on what they do)

    4. a macro with /readycheck is a nice tool to fast do these

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    If you want a good system for loot rules my guild used no DKP in naxx, instead everyone got 1 need and 1 greed roll for that raid night. Need rolls are ofc prio over greed, (greed is offspec/RP/sidegrade) Mains greed are the same prio as Alt main etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurtosis View Post
    I've gotten good enough at tanking that I've been asked to be one of the raid leaders once a week.
    Gratz! There is a lot of trust set in you!

    First things first... What I read from the quote is that you are asked to be one of the raid leaders, as in "there are many raid leaders beside you". Go and have a conversation in vent / TS / mumble with them. No better place to pick up the basics than from a seasoned raidlead.

    Raid leading is all about three things
    • Informing the raid (Every raider should be environment and encounter aware enough to not need this. Be amazed how they aren't...)
      • Know the tactics for every pull and every role
      • Know the current situation of the raid (there are countless addons out there for that)
        • Raidframes: Xperl is easy to use, Grid is compact
        • Threat situation: Omen, sThreatMeter
        • Raidstatus: RBS
        • Fails: Ensidiafails
        • Raidcoordination: oRA2
      • Watch out for people not beeing on assignment
      • Watch out for people "standing in the fire"
      • Call out coming events a defined time in seconds ahead of them happening if people have to react
      • Don't hesitate to delegate. As a tank you can't see anything while tanking Gluth for example. Know those situations and appoint a trusty person to call out.
    • Focusing the raid (Nothing like a whole raid collapsing because someone is telling about last weekends party and then the whole raid panicking and wiping)
      • There are countless things that distract your team. Identify them when they happen and try to refocus the people involved.
      • Always try to keep cool. When the sh*t hits the fan it's your role to calmly tell the people what to do.
    • Keeping the morale high (Nothing like a raid performing worse after the raidlead tried to pull the 'I'm your worst nightmare drillinstructor' stunt and people are just to angry/afraid/depressed to play after that.)
      • Don't you never ever ever start being a bully
      • Don't shout at people
      • Don't put them into a spotlight with sentences like "xxx ruined it for us all"
      • Don't hesitate to give out critique but ne constructive
    Hope that helps at least some.


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    The most important thing as a raid leader you can do is to remember what its like to be a raid member. A lot of raid leaders get a bit of a 'tude when they start making decisions.


    Don't heal much? ask a veteran healer to organize your healing team.

    Don't master loot much? ask a trusted friend/guidlie to run the master loot. Note: DPS make great master looters. There is no need to stand around the boss anymore, kill him and move on and forgoe one dps for the next trash pull.

    Good Luck!!!!

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