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Thread: def cap at differnt levels?

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    def cap at differnt levels?

    I've looked around and have only found info on caps at 70 and 80. those being 490 with 2.365 def rating = 1 skill point and 665 with 4.918 def rating = 1 skill point respectively.

    What I'm looking for is the formula or a table showing the def cap at all levels or at least from 70 to 80.

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    You'll always want 5% crit reduction against an even level mob, and 5.6% against a world boss. That part never changes. One defense skill reduces chance to crit by 0.04% That means:

    The uncrittable point against a world boss for any level is (5 x your level) + 140 defense skill (5.6 / 0.04 = 140)
    The uncrittable point against an even level mob for any level is (5 x your level) + 125 defense skill (5.0 / 0.04 = 125)

    You'll always need 125 or 140 defense skill from gear. How much defense rating that translates into is what varies.

    Defense rating per level, have fun: Combat rating system - WoWWiki - Your guide to the World of Warcraft
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    thank you. that was perfect!

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