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Thread: The red sockets in frost resitance gear

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    The red sockets in frost resitance gear

    Hello my guild started recently in ulduar 10 went pretty well almost one shot every boss, but we had a problem with Hodir so we tried with frost resstance gear and it went kind well.

    The main thing I wonder is what to socket the red slots on the frost gear.
    I have 31147 hp unbuffed in frost resitance gear and 541 defence.
    So should I stack even more hp or go for the other treath stats and try to get the red socket bonus?

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    I stack stamina in mine, honestly. You give up a lot of stam to get those threat stats (and you don't get a great deal of them). I would rather stack them with stam and swap other bits of gear around to get the threat.
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    well i go 8 expertise/8 defense and 8exp/12stam for red socket cos i wasn't def cap without it, also socketed 16 def might as well go for the +9/12 stam socket bonus, there might be a slightly better combo but i have to put def gem in it

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