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Thread: Encounter in Northrend -- New TankSpot Artwork!

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    Think I found the real one azazel1944's deviantART gallery I stick to my opinion that he's very talented. Just wow.

    Seems he's also made a wallpaper of the Tankspot image: encounter at Northrend by ~azazel1944 on deviantART

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    If someone at my work looked at me weird or had the wrong idea after looking at this, then I'd tell them to get their head out of the gutter and go get laid more.
    And in my workplace you would be promptly fired for sexual harassment for saying as such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    I probably got the wrong one then. There was no credit link on the announcement, so I had to look it up on Deviant myself. It's really well made artwork, so I wouldn't mind see more of what he's done.

    But really, it's an orc and a blood elf, both races present on WoW. If people think that's controvertial, I think they have serious issues and are out of touch with reality. Not safe for work, most likely due to the armor the paladin is wearing? Heh, please. Have a look at the world outside, everything from TV to print features something much worse, and society generally deems it quite acceptable enough to talk about at work. If someone at my work looked at me weird or had the wrong idea after looking at this, then I'd tell them to get their head out of the gutter and go get laid more.
    I don't work in the world outside, I work in an office building.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Partial nudity has always been a part of entertainment, especially MMO games. Heck, just look at some of the armor in WoW currently, like Robes of Insight. Blizzard's own official artwork on the loading screens isn't too different from this, the boobs on all female characters even jiggle as they run in-game, and female models of armor are sometimes significantly more revealing than their male counterparts- yet WoW is a 12+ game. If 12 year olds can handle things like that, then I don't see why people older have such big issues.

    This piece is incredibly well made IMO, and the marmot idea on it is pretty cool. Just the usage of orcs/blood elves is quite old now.
    Most 12 year olds don't browse tankspot from work, just like I don't play WoW at work. Also, I've barely seen any revealing armor in game since Molten Core pretty much. Everyone is running around with proper armor or robes nowadays. All examples of revealing items that were given are from vanilla WoW.

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    I'm not entirely sure what I think about it. Looking at the current one (orc warrior & marmot, blood elf paladin..), the warrior looks very close to what a warrior looks like in dreadnaught/naxx gear. On the other hand, the blood elf is hypersexualized beyond what the game shows for that tier.

    She's so hypersexualized that I didn't even realize it was a paladin at first, neither did the other person who I talked to who saw it. For a while there we thought it was a mage.

    Arguing that it's perfectly in-line with what is in game is moot because that isn't the way the armor is portrayed in game. If you look up pictures of Justicar as worn by blood elf paladins, not only is it not that revealing but the race isn't that busty.

    If my women are running around in a metal sports bra and thong, then I want my men running around in a speedo and nothing else. It's only fair.

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    At this point we have several of the same posters repeating things over and over, so let's go ahead and wind down the discussion.

    If you're at work and uncomfortable... don't have the browser in full screen mode.

    If you don't appreciate the artwork... read this post on page 2. It may not make you agree w/ the use of this art, but it will give you some more insight into our reasoning.

    If you don't appreciate people who don't appreciate the artwork... keep in mind the current piece is toned down significantly from the original. Many people who started this conversation saw an image with two elves dominating both the left and right side, showing much more of their lower body than they currently do and looking like they were just support for the orc. There was absolutely reason for controversy from some people. At this point, though, it's not even the same image, and most of the concerns should have been alleviated.

    If you absolutely won't visit the site anymore and won't let anyone else visit it, either... we have an alternative site for you here:

    PuritanSpot -- Safe For Work & Completely Moral!

    What will happen w/ the artwork? Currently it will likely stay the same. However, we may divide up the images between our YouTube channel and this website, with the Orc being the only character here but both elves being on our YouTube channel background. That won't solve the problem if you despise fantasy art that depicts attractive women in skimpy clothing, but it will solve the issue of people who don't want to view this particular website at home with children or spouses around or at work. That's a small number of people but it's just not in my interest to screw anyone out of a site that everyone can enjoy. Again, that is not a guarantee, so don't take it as such.

    How can you find a desktop version? Where can you see the original? I removed the link from the frontpage to Azazel's gallery as it is NSFW. Understand that before clicking any of the following. Here ya go:

    Azazel's Encounter at Northrend on DeviantArt
    TankSpot's Earlier Background (Now Edited)

    I'm still happy to look at feedback, but again, at this point it's a small number of people repeating things back and forth. Feel free to start a thread in our Off Topic forums or contact us through private messages if you have a concern.

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