As of right now my TPS can get up to 6k pretty solidly, but i always feel im like a DPS or something when im just sitting here clicking random stuff once i have capped m sunder's, for instance SS,(revenge if up, DECx2, repeat till 5 stacks of sunder, that generaly gets me working at around 4k tps, the when i go into abilities it just seems like a priotity list like if SS is up click heroic strike then SS on top of it or Revenge if SS is on CD and SnB didnt proc, i was wondering if there is somewhat of a more solid rotation, The World of Warcraft Armory
is my armory link incase you need to look at weapon and what not.

I also have another question though it may seem silly i used to use the Broken Promise 2.6 Speed and Mongoose as the enchant, now im using Last Lauph with bladeward, it seem'd with Deep Wounds and other abilities i hit harder with a slower weapon which is logical but does the over-all dps on the Last Lauph make it up on normal hits? Just a thought i have been having.