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Thread: cries of a low dps enh shaman

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    cries of a low dps enh shaman

    im an enhancement shammy and these few weeks since i hit 80 and been in raids etc ive noticed ive had surprisingly low dps compared to others in my party.
    i know enh shaman arent the best dps'rs but ive actually had a few fights where even the tank/s have outdone me in damage... =S

    i think im pretty decently geared, well for naxx at least, but im just not seeing any results...

    should i be concentrating on my sp or ap for dps with my shammy?

    heres my gear in armoury
    The World of Warcraft Armory
    if you can give any suggestions on any improvements i can make id appreciate

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    If I remember correctly enhancement shaman use AP and Agil and the like, rogue and hunter stats

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    Read this: Connection Problems

    You will be doing great dps in no time.

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