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Thread: DW Woes

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    DW Woes

    Any other Frost DK tanks not looking forward to possibly having to respec to Blood or Unholy or switching over to DW Tanking?

    I love that those who want to DW are going to be able to (despite my thoughts that DKs shouldn't have DW) but I'm afraid that Frost is going to get pigeonholed into it.

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    You won't have to dual wield as Frost, though it does look like it will do better threat if you talent for it.

    The pidgeonhole is self-imposed. Do you need to min/max your threat? If so, you will get a buff with dual wielding. Notice that they aren't taking away anything that 2h Frost DKs have right now, so your threat/method will remain the same, and if you're fine now there's no reason to expect that to change.

    This is a popular attitude, if it *can* be "better" (read: different) another way, I MUST do it that way. Leave that to the out-moded, hardcore, min/maxing community, play it the way you enjoy it most.
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