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Thread: Lavanthor's Talisman in 3.2?

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    Lavanthor's Talisman in 3.2?

    Was wondering how Lavanthors will be rated for a Prot warrior with the new patch. The current use effect is 20 seconds, but will double to 40 seconds for 3.2 and keep the 2 min CD. Will the extra 20 seconds make it better then Mark of Norgannon or Greatness for threat?

    I'm thinking yes, since a good amount of S & B procs in a 40 second window will be pretty godly for SS's and 20 more seconds of higher Damage Shields. Haven't slept all night and can't focus on math atm, but has anyone attempted to figure out how good Lavanthors will be with the new patch? Also how well will it rate EH-wise? Better then Monarch Crab possibly?

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    I don't think it will be better than Monarch Crab for EH. Yes the time will increase but because of the cooldown it will be a non-comparison to the static health of the crab.

    The Crab also grants a nice avoidance on use.

    For threat.

    I loved the Talisman... Pop talisman >> Shield Block >> shield slam >> devastate/revenge until SnB proc >> Shield slam.... and you should be set on threat for awhile.
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    I'm personally wondering about the threat usage of

    Gnomeregan Auto-Blocker 600 - Item - World of Warcraft
    Coren's Lucky Coin - Item - World of Warcraft

    old trinkets... but static block value, and with both uses that gives 200 extra bv for 80 seconds out of every 2 minutes.

    I'm bad at numbers... but I still have them laying around so I might try it.

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