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Thread: Need Some suggestions on weapon/spec choice.

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    Need Some suggestions on weapon/spec choice.

    I currently have 3 weapons:

    Aesir's edge
    Cryptfiend's Bite
    Inevitable Defeat

    and my armory:
    The World of Warcraft Armory

    and I'm having some problems trying to find out what would give me the most potential DPS out of the following options:

    1. Arms with Aesir's edge
    2. Arms with cryptfiend's Bite (I've been told sword spec is AWFUL, though I haven't seen the math on it)
    3. Fury with Aesir's edge + Inevitable defeat.

    Any suggestions are very welcome.

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    I'd highly suggest checking this link out. It's to Landsoul's DPS Spreadsheet for Warriors.

    It will give you the breakdown of gear and tell you which will give you the most DPS. That aside, for Arms most people agree that the Sword specialization is bad. I tried Fury for a while, but found Arms to be better for me based on my gear(I'm tank most of the time, but DPS some) level. Off the top of my head, I'd say #2 is your best bet for Arms, while Axe specialization is certainly the best, however given that you have a mace I'd spec into that for the time being and get the 5% extra to your expertise. Your gears much better than mine for DPS, so you could certainly go Fury provided you can get hit capped which don't seem like a problem for you.

    I don't really care for the Cryptfiend's Bite, to me it's not really a warriors best choice given it's lack of Strength. So in your case I'd go with #2 and mace spec until you can get like BoH or Stormedge.

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    I am a big fan of that sword.. I would go fury but there is no calcs to back it up... just preference based.
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    Unless the axe is close or equal Ilvl and DPS as Aesir's Edge, the Aesir's will still be a dps increase, even without the axe spec.

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