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Thread: Druid TPS when rage starved

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    Druid TPS when rage starved

    Hey Guys, i'm hoping you can help me a bit here.

    I've never played a druid to any great extent, but I tried yesterday to see how much TPS i could build on a level 82 icecrown elite mob, on a friends druid.

    I didn't change any of her gear (which think was pretty heavy tier 7.5 or so tank gear) and she had 160 hit and 30 exp, with 1700 AP unbuffed outside of bear form.

    Anyway, i found myself a mob, and at first really struggled to even hit 2k tps. After reading a guide or two, i was able to average about 2500 tps, and peak at around 3000.

    My rotation was FF, then mangle,lacerate,lacerate ... repeat ... recasting FF when it was up and when i had no rage. I never had enough rage to use maul, and only had enough to do the rotation above really. I came out of the fight with practically full hp every time.

    Do these figures sound about right? am I missing an ability I really should be using?
    I know if i had a more worthy adversary i would have much more rage, and could start mauling, which i would expect it would boost my tps by a big margin. Or i could swap in dps gear, to increase rage generation...

    Am I doing anything wrong?

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    This is normal. Only raid bosses give you a lot of rage. Everything else doesn't.

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    It depends on spec too, I've come across a lot of specs which don't take Naturalist lately that that's 10% more damage right there. If they don't have Primal Gore, then it can hurt rage gen as well.

    2000-3500 TPS on low rage fights (Heroics like VH you get rage starved alot) isn't bad. People still shouldn't pull stuff off you. Raids where you can maul nearly every attack it's pretty easy to get 4000-6000 (Depending on spec / buffs) and whenever you use Berserk you should see large spikes if your hitting Mangle and Maul non stop.

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    Swipe once you get Lacerate to 5, and then only lacerate to refresh. That should help a bit.

    And yeah, in raids when you can spam maul EVERY. SINGLE. SWING. your threat generation skyrockets.

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