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Thread: Is Damage Shield still worth it with a low BV?

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    Is Damage Shield still worth it with a low BV?

    I have zero BV and I was looking over my spec again, and thinking if Damage Shield is even worth picking up rather than putting more points into something like Cruelty or DW or Imp Demo.

    Anyone know if Damage Shield is still better than the other options with a low block value/high avoidance set? Keep in mind that I'm not really concerned with trash, just boss fights.
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    Compare the damage you do from DW and from Damage Shield in WWS, and you will know. I was deciding between Imp Revenge and Damage Shield, and even without critting on single target fight Damage shield was doing slightly more damage than Improved Revenge. You can do roughly do the same thing with Cruelty.

    Imp Demo is totally a different thing, Damage Shied is about threat and Imp Demo is about mitigation, so noone can decide it for you, you should know what you need more.

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