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Thread: Struggling on dps

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    Struggling on dps

    As of lately I have been asked to swap from my tank spec to my dps spec and its kinda a neat spec but been strugglign as of lately. I am a gnome warrior.
    My armory link is here The World of Warcraft Armory.
    I used the spread sheet on the elitest site and it is telling me that i should be way above 3k dps. But on the dummy in iron forge i have a hard time to break 2.6k dps.
    My rotation is charge rend mortal strike over power if proced execute if proced and if thsoe are down and all my other abilites are down I pop a slam after a white attack.
    I buff myself with my battle shout. Im stocking up on the flask of endless rage and still up in the air about what to use for food. I have been messing arround with the attack power foods and crit foods and such but havent seen much increase in the damage.
    Ive been reading about the contraversy over the armor penetration and str. I thought I did a good job at the gems at the time of doing them but not getting any were with them any help would be greatly apprecated.
    So in the end im just wondering if my gems are right and what i can do to up my dps so im in par with everyone else.

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    Dummy DPS is always lower because of warriors scaling with buffs. Your raid DPS should be closer to what you've found on the EJ spreadsheet.

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