a little background on me
I lost my chat window on my original toon Soloer as a level 3... hit 55 or whatever and made a frost spec DK. Soloed him till 80.
Soloed every 5man up to UK and got humiliated.
So... began looking for help. Spammed the DPS LFG bs and did ok in completing quests, however, I began to hear a lot of commentary regarding my toon.
Your DPS sucks
Your gear Sucks
You rolled need for THAT?!?!?

In short... apparently I dont know WTF I am doing... to die so rarely... and soloed SO much... go figure. *shrug*

If you dont remember what it was like to have suck gear, or what it was like to NOT know that "GREED" really means "let someone DE the damned thing instead" then you arent a tutor.
However, if you would be interested in TEACHING... I will find a way to compensate you.
I want to learn IN GAME... one on one... so I can waltz others through THEIR quests and help THEM.
We all had to start somewhere... here is where I start I suppose.
Please feel free to email Soloing on Turylon if you are willing to bring on an avid learner.