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Thread: Spoiling members

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    Spoiling members

    Is it possible to spoil ungeared members?
    im in a uldaur10 guild we have a main 10man team then a few that don't raid with us because they are ungeard we try and take them through nax10 and hcs to get them gear but over time it seems that they don't look for the groups anymore and when they do they complain that its whiping or going to slow

    is this just unlucky and they are geting rubbish groups or are they geting to used to us who are geard taking them through fast and easy

    Any opinions?

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    While there are bad groups, there are also very lazy players out there. So, yes, it's entirely possible for you to spoil undergeared members.

    In my old guild, we had problems where we lost a lot of our better healers for various reasons. We recruited more ppl who were fairly geared, but some ppl were just bad and got carried. These people would still get geared, and eventually, they some of them left for other guilds or stopped playing the game.

    The funny thing is, we all knew they weren't so good, so we had a bit of a laugh that, even though they were geared, they'd still be causing lots of wipes in their new guilds who thought they were getting amazing healers.

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    Some people think they deserve loot without effort. Maybe that's what you've got. A good test is how much initiative do they have? Are they willing to get together on a regular time and organise a PUG of their own?
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