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Thread: Help please

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    Help please

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    Hey guys, I was wondering if you could tell me what im doing wrong here. My guild and I have 10 and 25man naxx on farm, but when it comes to Ulduar 10, im the captain of the failboat apparently. I know i need the +22 stam enchant to my boots which i am working on getting soon, and i also kno i should get the +275 health to chest instead of the +18 stam which I am also working on getting. But im having problems tanking in Ulduar im just taking too much damage. As you can see I only have 29k hp unbuffed and that Im workin on getting JC up so hopefully that will increase my hp by a large number, but when it comes to the council and kologarn i can't seem to do my job properly. For the council im usually tanking runemaster and stormcaller but my healers complain im taking too much dmg even though im interupting all their casts, keepin them out of the runes, nd dodging the aoe by stormcaller. With Kologarn i can't even MT cause i take way too much dmg for the healers. Is there any advice you guys can give me to improve?

    P.S. I appologize for the wall of text

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    Ok, a couple of question for u before we move on.
    Are you using Shield Slam every time it's up?
    Do you use Shield Block at the start of a pull?
    Does your healer gives you some HoT before you go in?
    Do you have a "OMG" macro?
    Are you clicking with a mouse or are you using key bindings?

    Some of these question might seem to be stupid, but they are some critical question that will actually make u think about your class again.

    Sometimes I forgot to use Shield Slam when ever it's up, and by just forgetting that, i lost that 10% extra block value. And I can tell you that it does make a bit of difference (especially when your tanking in Iron Council).

    That OMG macro is something that you put all your trinkets, last stand, shield wall...etc together so that you won't die!! With a macro like this, the healer should be able to take a bit of breath before they start healing you like crazy again.

    Also, a lot of boss in Ulduar uses "spell" damage instead of physical. So yes, you'll take alot of damage. According to blizzard, which i can't find the post atm and I might remember wrongly, they pretty much set the boss so they can "almost" two shot a tank. The reason that i said "almost" is because 1 spell damage + 1 physical damage can kill a tank if the tank doesn't know what they are doing and they don't have the t8/8.5 4 piece set.
    For example Kologarn, are you watching your debuffs? Are you swapping when you get 2 debuff? Things like that needs to be concerned too.
    With Iron Council, are you Shield Slamming Runemaster when he have that shield around him? Are you Shield Slamming when you're interrupting as well?

    Also, work on your enchants abit. Some of them just don't seem to be right...

    Last but not least, look at your healer. Especially when you're mt of a raid. Not saying that they are bad or so, but are they good enough to be mt healers? What kind of healer are they? You won't really want a druid healer to heal a mt when u got a pally or a disc priest healer, although i know that some people will disagree with me at that point.

    Pretty much these are some of the question that I used to have when i was in your situation. But now, i'm doing better. One last thing that i'll suggest is that use shield block as much as u can. It's like a 20 sec cool down.

    @ other exp tanks. Please do point out mistakes or things that i have miss. Thanks for reading

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