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Thread: getting smashed by General Vezax

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    getting smashed by General Vezax

    Thread title says it all, Dk tank was away, i stepped in and it all went wrong i was getting 2 hit by this guy at times(and i was kiting him btw:P), is there any tips u can give me on how to make this guy doable as a warrior ?
    hes my armoury if that helps: The World of Warcraft Armory
    please help

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    The best thing to do is to get a CD like shieldwall, Pain suppres, Hand of sac. To not kite him. Kiting makes it harder for the healers and lowers your dps. Really you will see the difference, and youll down him easely, just get some dicipline into your healers and make a CD chain of each *Kite* Phase.

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    For this fight, make sure you're expertise capped. He hits like a truck, so parry haste will kill you fast. Your gear is otherwise perfectly adequate for it, though I would take that parry gem and replace with the equivalent in dodge. Parry isn't a good stat to gem for.

    Get imp demo shout up (either from you with a respec, or someone else in the raid). Make sure thunderclap never drops.

    Spec for imp disciplines (take two points out of cruelty) and get the Last Stand glyph. You can then stay stationary and rotate SW and LS(+external c/d) for the Surges.

    Good luck!
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    Our dk tank was away last night as well so, I had to step up to the plate with the kiting. To be 100% honest, my guys actually prefer kiting rather then healing a dk through it. I think that this is good with the impending dk nerf (although it may not even be relevant with the scheduled release date of 3.2). If you feel like trying the kiting move again, what I suggest (at least for 25 man) is a north/south or east/west kite pattern in the room. I usually run wall to wall during the Surge of Darkness event. Once I get to the wall, I wait for him to get to me, sometimes charging back to interrupt the aoe move if the rogues are on the run, and then spin him around for the next Surge of Darkness. Healers try to remain in the center of the room as much as possible. I also recommend Tuskar's as the minor run speed increase is more valuable then the loss of the 10 extra stam from major stam to boots.
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    We never had much of an issue on Vezax. Due to me having dual spec, decent offspec gear and being a paladin, we have an extra healer there.
    Since the healer is surplus, he can do some stuff regular healers can't, like waiting for the tank to get hit before throwing off some instant heals. It really makes a difference.

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