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Thread: [10m] General Vezax Hardmode -- Preparation

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    [10m] General Vezax Hardmode -- Preparation

    Hi guys.

    There's a thread out there on 25m Hardmode Vezax but it's a bit helter-skelter and I'm hoping for some slightly more focused responses on set queries.

    The scenario-- going to attempt Vezax hardmode this week. Here are my questions:

    As a precurser here is our makeup:
    Prot warr
    Ret Pally
    Fury Warr (searing flames interrupter)
    Ele Sham (full 213 or higher resto set)
    Fire Mage
    Destro Lock
    MM Hunter
    Survival Hunter OR Shadow Priest
    Holy Pally
    Holy Priest (specs disc for Vezax normally)

    I think almost all of us have at least 2-3/5 T8.5, and more Uld25 gear than Uld10. Another caveat-- our healers are very very experienced and skilled. The holy paladin is truly a god.

    1) Tanking-- With a warrior as MT, would a UA build be recommended? Not for the threat, but for the increase in avoidance. My main concern here is that the increase in genuine avoidance is only around 3-4% at the expense of 2.5k hp. We have no blood DK so that is not an option.
    Do I kite or stay in with CD & external CD rotation? I can kite with tuskarr's no problem, no need for intervene or body & soul.

    here is my armory in my EH/progression set (but will be using the 5/15/51 survival build, and getting spiked deathdealers before we start) The World of Warcraft Armory

    2) Healing: On normal mode, our healer take turns healing/getting vapours. When not standing in vapours for mana they stay with the melee dps. How will hard mode change this?
    Also will it be worth it to sacrifice our 6-9k dps (on this fight ofc) ele sham for some 50 mana earth shields?
    I was thinking something like Pally stays with melee casting only FoL, with disc priest & resto sham standing in shadow crashes for cheap shields. Would this be enough damage redux & healing to keep me up without OOM?

    3) Are there any specific dps specs that the casters or melee should consider trying? I have read that mages should go frost (for mana longevity presumably). I would imagine that frostfire is more viable, as we dont need the frost replenishment and FFB does more damage with the same mana cost redux IIRC.

    4) How exactly do the surges work when the animus is up? As i understand it, the 8th vapour comes 4 minutes into the fight, coinciding with a surge that must presumably be CD'd through. You then have 2 minutes to kill him before the debuff becomes unmanageable, meaning at best you deal with one more surge with CDs, and at worst 2 more surges.

    5) What are good dps benchmarks? How low should Gen be when the Animus is up?

    Thank you for your help

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    For your first question, I am not sure how you are getting an increase in avoidance by using a UA build. Do you mean you would be using more avoidance gear if you went with a UA build? UA might not be the best choice on him since he swings VERY slow. I have not yet attempted vezax hardmode on 10 or 25man, but depending on your dps, a 5/15/51 build might make it hard for you to hold aggro. I would recommend using a deep wounds spec for threat and have your fury warrior spec into and use both imp demo and imp commanding for this fight.

    For your second question - on hardmode your healers cannot use vapors. You must leave all of them up so that they can merge together to form the animus. I'm not sure about caster/healer specs for 10man, but I know there are some specific specs that help with mana efficiency that people have been using on the 25man version. Someone else might be able to provide links to those.

    As for kiting the boss or keeping him stationary, I believe you must keep him stationary for hardmode. Again, my guild hasn't bothered with vezax hardmode yet on 10 or 25 but from what I've read and heard from others, you must keep him stationary.

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    I've never tried Vezax on 10man, but on 25man, all our casters go with their most mana efficient specs, which is mages specing frost, etc. The shadow priests also spec for imp VE. They'll also only dps if they're standing on a crash to conserve mana.

    When it comes to healers, the ones who are using a separate set of gear will gear for crit and then gem for int regardless of class. They also use int flasks/elixirs and are put on a healing rotation.

    We had Vezax on about 15% when the Animus spawned. Apparently the best guild on our server actually got Vezax as low as 9% before it spawned.

    Oh and don't kite. It's bad.

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    The basic 10-man strategy is this:

    Everyone except four people stand in melee range. The people at range will be your mage/hunter/lock or mage/hunter/hunter and your disc priest - they will all stack on each other.

    Mark of the Faceless: With all but four people in melee range, this will only hit the ranged group. If it hits the mage, he turns and blinks away. If it hits the hunter, he disengages back. If it hits the warlock, he uses demonic circle to teleport away. If it hits the priest, the other three people all use their escape. In each case, the ranged group should take -at most- one tick of the life drain.

    Shadow Crash: This will also only ever hit the ranged group. When Vezax casts shadow crash, all four ranged will move slightly until it lands, then move back into it. They should never be hit by it.

    Searing Flames: Interrupt it.

    Surge of Darkness: Alternate cooldowns here. Use Shield wall on the 1/3/5/7th, and last stand plus an external damage reduction cooldown on 2/4/6/8th. (pain supression, bubble-HoSac, bubble-DSac). Don't move him at all.

    Saronite Animus Spawn: The Saronite Animus will spawn behind Vezax. When you see it starting to spawn, rotate around Vezax so you're right next to him to pick him up instantly. As soon as he spawns, rotate back around Vezax to your original tanking spot. You'll want misdirects here as much as possible as he also cannot be taunted. This is what everyone has been saving mana for - kill him quick, then it's back to the original strategy until Vezax is dead. Keep cooldown rotations up as usual -there will be one surge right after it spawns that will need an external cooldown and most likely one surge before he dies that you'll shield wall.


    Disc Priest: Stand in shadow crash and use PW:Shield/renew, and strafe out and pennance if needed. All mana costs and healing are reduced while he's in the shadow crash, but shields work as normal even with the 75% less mana cost.

    Paladin: Stand in melee range, spec deep prot for Guarded by the Light. Illumination does nothing this fight, so there's no need to spec holy aside from some extra crit and holy shock. With a deep prot spec, though, he'll have more spell power and his flash of light will crit for 195% of the base heal amount instead of 150% (he should be seeing 11-12k FoL crits), which will help tremendously on saving mana. Also, since no one but the tank should be taking damage, beacon of light is useless. Any small damage on the raid should be healed by judgement of light (e.g. seal of blood damage from the ret paladin).

    If you need a third healer, the shaman should probably stay in melee range to avoid having two people without an escape in range of the mark of the faceless. Most likely, this third healer will only be needed for the last 50% of the Saronite Animus when the tank is taking tons of damage due to the shadow debuff and will be saving mana to heal only then.

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    that's kind of the dumbest strategy. Any DPS mana user (elemental shaman) that isn't in the shadow crash is going to run out of mana in a matter of minutes and be completely useless.


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