I have been following a discussion about creating a PvP gear set/items/trinkets/enchants etc with SBV on it, for prot PvP, and I was wondering what the real math comes out to and the real value.

Taking the starting assumption that if Blizz did such a thing the items would be equal but different than the existing warrior PvP items.

My question is two fold:
1. What stats could be dropped, partially or completely for SBV that would make sense?

2. What would be the cost conversion?

For reference
A typical warrior PvP piece can have:
Resilience (This is more globally set it seems?)
Attack Power
Crit or Hit

It has already been agreed in a general sense that the AP on the none set items would benefit prot PvP more if it were STR; same for the enchants. The set items don't have AP, they have STR.

Beyond that items in the honor gear have crit, items from WG have hit.