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Thread: Druids and Loot

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    Druids and Loot

    Question to you other guild/raid leaders. im being told by our boomkins that most of the gear they want in ulduar is cloth, not much options for leather. and after reviewing atlasloot id tend to agree, question is, do I let them roll against the clothies for the pieces or make them wait till clothies have it already?

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    Personally I don't like putting such restrictions on members. If they've earned the right to declare interest on the loot via whatever loot system you have, they should be able to. I expect my members to make informed decisions about loot for the benefit of the guild.

    If there are "extra" stats on a piece of cloth that make it good but not great for a druid, I'd expect them to pass if a clothie who could make better use of it wants it.

    By the same token, if a piece of cloth was a major upgrade for a druid (wasted stats and all), I'd expect a clothie for whom it was a minor upgrade to pass.

    Nobody wins when raid dps goes up slowly just so someone can see their average iLevel a few decimal places higher.

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    I'd be giving the clothies first pick, it seems unfair otherwise. As said above though, if it's a huge upgrade then give it to the person who needs it the most, probably a case by case basis.
    Itemisation is off on a lot of gear, myself I get to roll on a lot of mail spellpower gear on my pally, and I'm the only one rolling as our resto shamans aren't even interested.

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    What you have to keep in mind is that besides +hit there is not much difference between moonkin and tree gear. Some armor is covered by set pieces and there are leather bits for the other slots. If there are no leather boots and belt with +hit, that doesn't mean that this requires cloth pieces. There are loads of other armor slots to play with, not even mentioning rings, neck, cloak and tinkets.

    Blizzard has merged some loot groups to be shared between specs. Hunters+Enh Shammies, Balance+Tree, Plate tanks, Feral+Rogue and the list goes on. To do this some stats effect for a class was changed. Some people didn't get the memo. Make sure your guys are not going for stats they shouldn't be going for. Odds are that if they need to jump hoops to get their loot something is wrong.

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    If it's BIS yes, otherwise no.

    But I think they are wrong when they say that most of the gear they want is cloth, how do they justify that? 4 of their gear should be their tier gear for the bonus, and that's leather. Their BIS crafted belt should also be leather, and even if they want the tailoring belt for the hit, there's no roll involved in a craftable.

    The only things left are pretty much the shoes and bracers. That's 2 pieces which could possibly be cloth, hardly "most" of their equipment?
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