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Thread: I'm getting hit hard, real hard.

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    Again, apologies for the bump.

    I macro'd my abilities with !Rune Strike as mentioned above... the only problem I'm now having is I can't see when they are ready to cast as macros are constantly lit up. Any way around this?

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    It sounds like your missing the first line of the macro:

    #showtooltip <spell name>

    For Example:
    #showtooltip Plague Strike

    Each tooltip showing the name of the spell your casting at the end of the macro.
    /cast !Rune Strike
    /cast Plague Strike

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    Or, a bit more complex:
    #showtooltip [mod:shift] Blood Boil;[mod:alt] Blood Strike;Obliterate
    /use Blood Fury
    /use !Rune Strike
    /use [mod:shift] Blood Boil;[mod:alt] Blood Strike;Obliterate
    So this makes sure both Blood Fury and Rune Strike are cast when they are up, and I just turn off error messages in the Interface control panel so I don't constantly get errors that these abilities are not ready. It also ensures that the main abilities are what are shown in the tooltip, and change when you hold down mod buttons.

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