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Thread: Loot Classification

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    Loot Classification

    I'm in a semi-casual guild and we're running Naxx 25s and Uldaman 10s (Because we don't have enough ppl who play up to their gear level to do 25)

    Our looting system is pretty basic and tries to get items in the hands of people who will make the most of it, giving main specs priority over off specs... I have a concern though that some caster loot that is really DPS or really healing is going into the wrong hands on the main spec rolls. With the recent changes to some of the classes, such as Warlocks wanting spirit now, I'm not sure what criteria I can use to discern which is which.. But when I see a holy priest roll on Signet of Manifested Pain which has no spirit or mp/5, or a mage wins Sympathy, I start to worry we're not really getting the right gear into the right hands still...

    So is there a good guideline I can propose to the guild as far as what stats should go to what classes, or am I wrong and shouldn't worry?

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    one site to check out is Kaliban's loot lists at Kaliban's Class Loot Lists.

    There's actually an in-game mod by the same name that gives the class/spec priority right on the tooltip, but I'm not sure that mod's been updated since 3.1.
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    Just becuase a healing class can use spirit, doesn't mean they need to stack it in every slot. If an item has no spririt, priests and resto druids shouldn't be "barred" from rolling.

    IMO, MP5 and Hit rating are the only two stats that separate "healing" caster gear from "DPS" caster gear. If the item has neither of those two stats, then it is common and usably by all, with the exception that Paladins and Shammys should never roll on gear with spirit, unless it's an upgrade in other stats and would be sharded otherwise.

    Staves are another "grey" area. They are generally stats sticks (heavy on int, stam, and spirit) and IMO should be given to healers over DPSers. A MH/OH combo will always give more DPS stats than a staff. The exception to this is staves that have +hit, thankfully there are few of these.

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    Wow, I have to stop saying Uldaman... lol...

    Thanks for the feedback! I will keep it in mind and see if it can help steer us in a slightly better direction.

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    Signet of Manifested Pain is both dps and healer loot, but Sympathy should be holy priest prio yes.

    Using mp5/hit to define healer/dps loot is okay, but there's cases where it's bad. For example, before Ulduar came out, the KT mace which had mp5 was best in slot for a lot of dps classes including enhancement shamans, a melee dps spec.

    You just have to look at the individual piece and decide -.-

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