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Thread: Mimiron 10-Man Hardmode

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    Don't stand in the fire, bad idea .
    Replace a pally if you are stuggling, that would be wise, but for all other phases having a paly is heaven, not to mention ur 130 fire resist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iteken View Post
    1 Rogue (Combat/Mut)
    1 Fury Warrior
    1 Ret Paladin
    1 Prot Paladin
    1 Feral Druid
    2 Holy Paladins
    1 Priest (Holy/Disc)
    1 ShadowPriest
    1 Mage
    Thats a ... lot of Paladins, don't think they'll be any use on a fight like this wheres theres lots of raid healing.

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    Thanks for confirming the suspicions.

    If you had the choice though, would you go with:
    pally/priest/priest or pally/priest/shaman

    I've heard about "CoH/PoH spam healing" phase2 and whilst it seems a bit cheap, we'd like to see Alagon before the 5-man version in 3.2 Colosseum.
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    We used 2 good resto druids for this fight and phase2 was just a damn joke (I would even consider it easy before the nerfs).
    Phase 3 is where the fun begins

    Edit: We do use 3 healers though. Druidx2 and Hpal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daereg View Post
    Thats a ... lot of Paladins, don't think they'll be any use on a fight like this wheres theres lots of raid healing.
    ...unless you can do something smart with divine sacrifice...?

    As I said, we used two healers for this (druid, pally), the shorter you can make the fight, the better.

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    We just got our 1st full night of firefighter in and got him down after ~10 tries.

    Wearing 90% 10-man gear with a few Uld25 pieces and quite a bit of Naxx gear left over our group setup was as follows:

    Prot Warrior (Me, MT)

    Holy Pala
    Resto Druid
    Holy Priest

    Fury Warrior
    Arms Warrior
    Survival Hunter
    Ele Sham
    Destruction Lock

    It took us 7 tries with this setup. The key learning points from attempt to attempt:

    -Plasma burst hurts alot. The tank will require serious healing but our holy pala could handle this solo. We used cooldowns for all 3 bursts.

    -Do not ever be close enough to someone to spread napalm shell.

    -Raid damage is really high here. With the R Druid and H Priest it was fairly manageable.

    -The key is to get out of P2 as quickly as possible. For us, greatest likelihood of death exists here.

    -Heroism here.

    -Generally very easy. Ensure ranged have a macro to nuke the bombs.

    -We let the frost bots roam about freely unless they got near our group at which point we dropped them.

    -Far and away the easiest of the 4 phases. The only new thing to consider is ensure that you kill ALL the bots leftover from P3.

    The information on this thread was quite useful in getting our kill. Thanks again to all the contributors.

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    I'm doing this fight as Arms DPS. Our comp is:

    1 Feral tank
    1 Feral Cat
    1 Moonkin
    2 Holy Pallies
    1 Elemental Shaman
    1 Arms Warrior
    1 Shadow Priest
    1 Rogue
    1 can't remember

    Anyway, buffed I have ~22k HP. In phase 3 I go Defensive Stance and taunt and eat the Bomb Bots. Should I be doing this? Figure could have a range kill it quickly when it spawns and my DPS be better served in the bot swarms.

    Another issue is my survivability. It gets really dicey in Phase 3 when I eat a Bomb Bot and there's nasty fire all around me too. Phase 4 Hand Pulses wreck me and I fall flat. My main spec's tank and it unnerves me to see my HP ping pong so much (yes I'm using Enraged Regen and pots!) I've even resorted to subbing out my DPS trinkets w/ tank stamina ones!

    So...BB tanking, fire patches, and Hand Pulses/survivability. Any tips?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daereg View Post
    Thats a ... lot of Paladins, don't think they'll be any use on a fight like this wheres theres lots of raid healing.
    With the nerf to all the damage, the fight can easily be done with two Holy Paladins in the raid so long as you have a third healer to help patch.

    Quote Originally Posted by Antioch View Post
    Another issue is my survivability. It gets really dicey in Phase 3 when I eat a Bomb Bot and there's nasty fire all around me too. Phase 4 Hand Pulses wreck me and I fall flat. My main spec's tank and it unnerves me to see my HP ping pong so much (yes I'm using Enraged Regen and pots!) I've even resorted to subbing out my DPS trinkets w/ tank stamina ones!
    If you're trying to 2-heal it with two Holy Paladins, that is going to happen. Hand Pulse is not as much of an issue in Phase 2, but in Phase 4 they are also having to handle the damage from the Leviathan Mk II and the ACU in addition to the Hand Pulse, additional rockets to dodge, and any damage taken from Proximity Mines and Fires. As for the bombs in Phase 3... they have 20k health. Ranged should be able to nuke it before it hits anyone. Can also stun/snare/root them to keep them in place while they do.

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    Is it possible to solo tank this as Feral, or is that a warr/dk trick? P1 is where I think I would run into problems, usually get 3 plasma blasts and only healer CD to speak of his either wings or pain supression from our priest. Is it possible to get by with a Barksin and FR on one and just SI on 2?(with priest CD in there some order). Taunting off Hunter and popping beserk has been fine for P4 head aggro, just hitting enrage

    We're trying to 3 heal 2 tank it atm and our dps is somewhat lacking, trying to smooth things out.

    2xDK(one DPS, one OT/DPS)
    1xSurvival Hunter
    1xResto Druid
    1xResto Sham is our set up
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    I don't see why not. You will probably need some kind of external cooldowns on one of the plasmas, but other than that it should be simple. P1 should only last long enough for 3 plasmas and you have cooldowns for 2 of those. I've seen plenty of videos with druids solo tanking (both 10man and 25man).

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    Well it took just over a month (one week off, and only 1 raid / set of attempts per week) so probably a total of about 15 hours, but we finally dropped him last night. Only 3 pieces of "new" loot between us too so no serious overgearing.

    I ended up getting my dream group for it as follows:
    Feral (Dps / Bomb taunter)
    Fury Warr
    Ele Shaman
    holy Priest
    resto Druid

    There was a couple of little tricks we developed to get around places where we kept wiping:
    1. Don't Stand In The Fire
    2. Don't eat a Rapid Fire / Shockwave because of #1
    ... And seriously now:
    3. Don't try to Force Phase3. Keep a 1-Spot and keep the head tank just ahead of you. Call for Mimiron, Drop a core, dps head, and repeat. Trying to force it with multiple cores resulted in wasted cores, bombs in the raid, and other dead people.
    4. Retadin did a "Absorb damage + Bubble" at the start of P4 to smooth out damage spikes that kept wiping us.
    5. Heroism on Phase4 on once we were settled and the absorb damage was off.

    First time we got to P4 in good shape, he died. Even after doing that awesome "mines / Frost bomb / shockwave / charge / Barrage the Entire room" combo.

    Thanks for all the advice everybody.
    ps. look at all them paladins!

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    We're now reliably getting into Phase3, even sometimes to P4 (but there's always too many dead by this time).

    Our setup: Prot pala, Holy priest, Resto druid, resto shaman, fury warrior x2 (one is me but then i'm the tank on the rest of the instance, so sort of no choice there), retri pala, hunter, fire mage, combat rogue

    Our current problem is getting the head killed in 2 cores. It's not that our dps is low. Our hunter kites the head to a clean place, we drop it down, 2 secs into the dps, the fires are all on top of us. So we either stay in it, the healers try to heal and we end up with somebody dead, or we move out and need to do a 3rd core to kill the head. 3rd core means the bots finish up with the fires & start becoming a fire.

    So my questions would be:
    1) Is it possible to loot more than one core? Our core responsible says it's no longer possible, that he tried it multiple times and it just loses the first one he had
    2) Any tips on getting enough dps time on the head?
    3) Should we try a 3-ranged/2-melee setup? Till now i've preferred melee because they turn out better dps on the move and are less squishy
    4) If we opted for a 2-healer setup, which combo should i prefer?

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    You can have more than one core, but you'd need more than one person to loot it. ie. Joe gets core 1, Bob gets core 2. You can then chain 2 head sessions one after the other. The exact timing of the 2nd grounding is tricky - too early and it doesnt work, too late and you will get a bomb spawn (and perhaps it also wont work) but that's the way we did it.

    Two healers certainly makes the enrage a lot easier to beat. Whoever is the better healer probably, although I think druids are pretty well suited to all the moving around.

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    The largest advance we made over the course of 2 weeks practice on this guy was to Stop trying to force the head quickly. As you have said, trying to push insane amounts of DPS through the head when there is fire and other stuff about just ends up with people dead, which isn't cool. Trying to chain 2 head phases was a disaster too.

    For our successful kills, we completed it in 3 core phases which still left us with plenty of time on the head. Our ShadowPriest was charged with killing "Everything else" except the assault bots whilst the rest of the DPS knocked those down. It meant that at the start of Phase4 we had no bots up, and very few fires. Your Fire Mage may be ideal for that role.

    The only other advice is: Work on getting to P4 reliably, then worry about re-arranging your dps/healers to beat the enrage timer.

    3 melee and 2 ranged is ideal for this in my opinion, as is your healer setup.

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    We finally got him.

    For P2, we adopted "run out of melee when the fire hits during pewpew" strategy. Previously we were taking the fires, hoping a quick exit from p2 without hero would be best. The dps isnt worth the risk of lost lives.

    For P3, we did it in 2.5 core phases (aka, 2 core phases, then finish off in the air). That turned out to be a good dps tune for us, both getting over the phase quickly enough with enough time left for p4 and running less risk of people dying. I (normally tank but fury for this fight) went def stance + shield and ate the bombbots someplace out of the fire. That let everybody concentrate on the head fulltime.

    We did try 2 healers and while it's doable, we found the risk of losing people too high. With more practice we can probably drop down to 2 but 3 is best if you're getting your first kill imo. Saving heroism for p4 works a charm. P2 is hard on healers yes but it's easily doable without heroism so save it as a backup resource for the enrage.

    While the feeling while wiping was far from it, this still feels like the best encounter in wow. Great experience and the feeling of achievement is high when it's over. By comparison Algalon is now looking like a stopwatch fight (still havent mastered it yet but looks pretty doable)

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    I'm currently raid leading a 10man core through the Ulduar hardmodes to see if we can land us a proto-drake before it's removed.

    We're now left with just Mimiron and Yogg+1.

    Obviously we've got access to ToC10 gear now, so gearing certainly isn't an issue - and there is an abundance of information/video's on the fight - but I'm just trying to find out a little more specific info on the fire spawning and movement mechanics.

    We've only attempted this fight once, for an half-arsed hour of tries as we had other stuff we wanted to get done.

    What I found was that we clumped up in a corner on the pull, then when the fight starts we spread out across that third of the room. As a Moonkin DPS, I stayed close to the fire we'd spawned and tried to take control of kiting it in a tight ball.

    Unfortunately, due to panic or lack of concentration - we frequently lost people to napalm shells, more often than not because people were fleeing from fire out of healer range. Is it safe to say - it should be possible for us to take up 'normal' mode positions and just have myself distracted by fire?

    Alternatively, is it worth us spawning the fire all clumped up, then all mass moving to a different third of the room - leaving the fire on it's own across the room? Will it spread towards us if this is what we do?

    I'm confident that we have the 'minerals' for this fight, we have enough DPS nowadays to kill Hodir in 2 minutes and bring normal mode mimiron's ACU down in a single core - and our healing ain't too shabby either - but I could use some more solid info to base our tactics around before we dedicate a night to this, it seems like it'll be a loooooong night!


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    wind kites

    Nice! bookmarked it! i will check it later. Thanks very much for sharing


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